Porridge… yummy!

This might not be the best of treats but…as in Oliver Twist, generation after generation […]


7/ Out of Fagin’s

I went with Dodger and his friend in the street. The sun shone. The street […]


11 / Life as Mr Brownlow’s adopted son

Today was a good day with Mr. Brownlow. I delivered some books to a costumer. […]


10 / Sikes’s death

We were hiding in an abandoned house on the bank of the river. Sikes heard […]


9 / The Burglary

Today, Sikes and Red Hair prepared weapons at Red Hair’s , I was silent. It […]


8 / Waking up at Mr Brownlow’s

When I woke up, I was in a new house. It was bigger and more […]

6 / First day at Fagin

Was I afraid of this person ? No,  I was not afraid, I was reassured, […]


5 /Meeting Fagin

Dodger  took me to  a flat . There was an old man that I did […]

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