2 /The Workhouse

Today is my birthday, I'm 9 years old. I had to come to the workhouse because when a child is 9, he can't stay at the orphanage anymore. The Master came with me (I was very scared), he made me get in and he took me to the room where I must work for a living. When I arrived, I had to work very long hours in very bad conditions: there were many people so we were very tight, I couldn't seat on the bench, it was very hot. The supervisor was monitoring the children, he gave orders, and the young children had to obey his orders. We had to untie ropes for the Queen's boats. We must work for the workhouse because, in exchange, they feed and shelter us. We are working very long hours so it's really exhausting and they don't give us any wages. They shout at us when we don't work fast enough. Last night, my roommate woke up and he paced the room because he was so hungry he said he feared he might eat me ! He was unable to sleep and remained awake all night. I can't sleep because I'm afraid. Every day, I have to work so much and eat so little porridge. It's just an auwful life !

(Alizée & Margaux)

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