9 / The Burglary

Today, Sikes and Red Hair prepared weapons at Red Hair’s , I was silent. It was terrifying. When Sikes threatened me with a pistol, I thought that I could join you in heaven . After that we left with Sikes and Red Hair, we walked to Mr Brownlow and Mrs Bedwin’s. I was very scared when I went through the little window on the first floor of the house. After that, I went to the entrance to open the main door because Sikes and Red Hair couldn’t get in thraugh the window but at that moment Mr Brownlow heard the sound of the door and he came down the stairs. I was shot at by Sikes, when I tried to run away to Mr Brownlow .They carried me away because I couldn’t run. They brought me to the river and Red Hair wanted to throw me in but Sikes prevented him and he fell into the water. After that we kept running away with Red Hair . I was terrified and  bleeding . It hurt  so much!


(Caroline Brachon & Ali Ozcan)

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