10 / Sikes’s death

We were hiding in an abandoned house on the bank of the river. Sikes heard a sound and went to the window. He saw many people and a policeman. He took  me by a shoulder and suspended me out of the window. Outside in the street,  people had some weapons and shot at us. Sikes decided  to run away with me as his prisoner. We climbed on the roof and ran away. Then we came down the roof to a small promontory. A rope was hanging above the river. The rope was attached to a crane. Sikes  caught the rope and  made a knot. He  wound the rope around himself. He took hold of me and swung towards the building opposite. He was removing the rope when, suddenly his dog  barked. Sikes was thrown off balance. The knot  slipped around his throat and he died.It was so scary. I was petrified but saved !

(Justin & Julien)

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