11 / Life as Mr Brownlow’s adopted son

Today was a good day with Mr. Brownlow. I delivered some books to a costumer. At noon, we ate better than at Fagin’s: good chicken with potatoes, some very good cheese and for dessert we had some fruit with a cup of tea. In the afternoon, Mr. Brownlow took me to the bookshop to classify books. He gave me wages because he said thatI worked hard and I was really concentrated. We came back home and Mrs. Bedwin prepared us a chocolate cake with orange juice. I went to my bedroom to sleep because I was tired and I needed to recover for the French lesson at 6 o’clock. At last, I had my lesson.  My teather’s name is Mrs. Bonnard. We talked about verbs, subjects…I learnt a lot of things. For dinner, the menu was: a soup of vegetables, fish with carrots, some yogurt with honey and some pudding.After that, I went to sleep in my beautiful bedroom. The bed is soft and so comfortable. That’s why today was so magic. Good night!!!


(Maissa & Ambre)

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