3/ Asking for more at breakfast

Today was a bad day :  before eating time,  with the children of the workhouse, we drew lost to know who would ask for more because in the workhouse we can’t choose different dishes, we only eat one bowl of porridge each and we can’t eat in great quantities so we are starving.  And I was chosen to ask for more. At the table we waited before eating because we had to pray. We had to eat in silence so we couldn’t chat with our mates. So after, I had finished my bowl of porridge; I got up and walked towards the master and the cook. I was scared. I asked for more but the master was very angry so he ran after me. He threatened me with his cane. After he took me to the big master. I was punished by the big master.

The End ( for today )

                                                                                 (Jade & Tyffaine)

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