4 /Arrival in London

After the workhouse, I escaped from Mr Sowerberry's place to go to London.I walked for a week. I was so exhausted, an old lady helped me and fed me on the way. Then, after some days, I finally arrived in London but without any money. I was tired, very tired. I thought I was ill. I sat down on the steps of a church. A boy came to me and offered to help me. His name was Dodger. He took me to a market. There was a lot of food and it smelt good. Dodger stole some food. He was so discreet and clever. He gave me bread, it was hot and creamy, delicious! He gave me some chicken and a lot of good things. I had never eaten anything as good as this! Dodger was so kind to me. He was taller than me, he had a big black hat, a long brown coat and a scarf. I hope we will become friends. On the market, we were transparent, nobody looked at us. I was so tired I felt I couldn't walk but he told me to follow him to a safe place where I could sleep and eat.


(Lou-Ann, Kelly & Lakhdar)

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